Romans 4:9-16 Justification without Circumcision or Law

Here we explore how Paul moves from the bad news that we are sinners to the good news that there is justification found in Jesus and only in Jesus by grace through faith. We look at how he carefully points out that this justification is not found in our national identity or in our religious observances. It is not found in the law. He then turns to the example of Abraham and points out how like Abraham we are made righteous apart from our works, circumcision or the law. This all points to the work of Jesus. It is in His work bearing God’s wrath against our sin that we are justified. Paul is taking away any prop that we might lean on, because the end result is that we would look to Jesus alone and place our faith in Him alone. This is what Abraham did and it made him an heir to the world. If we are trusting in Jesus alone then we are all heirs to the world as well. Join us as we explore these majestic themes together.

Download: Romans 4:9-16